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Welcome to TAC2, LLC!

TAC25 provides various Firearm Training Classes and New Mexico certified Concealed Carry Classes. Our classes can help prepare clients to apply for a concealed firearm license issued by the State of New Mexico. Our instructors are law enforcement trained and certified.  Request private classes and we will create training curriculum specific for your need.  We are also Glock armorers and can help you repair and maintain your Glock firearm. 

We provide profesional and experienced private investigation services.  Our invesigators have extensive experience in conducting criminal investigations and provide comprehensive  backgrounds on people and assets.   Contact us for details!


New Mexico

Conceal Handgun Class

All State Required Instruction:

Basic firearm manipulation.

Different types of firearms.

  General firearm safety.

Legal instruction.

Firearm safety.

Firing stances.

Basic Firearm Training

Basic Firearm Training and Instruction:

Firearm Safety and Manipulation.

Appropriate Stance and Grip.

Shooting Fundamentals.

Firearm Safety.

Advanced Firearm Training

Advanced Training:

Close Quarters Battle.

Dynamic Shooting.


Urban Shooting.

Glock Armorer

Maintenance and Repair:

Complete Breakdown.

Thorough Cleaning.

Replace worn parts.

Defensive Tactics

Self Defense:

Ground Control.


Weapon Retention.

Private Investigations


Missing Persons.

Motor Vehicle Crashes.

Civil Disputes.

Firearm Safety for Minors

Firearm Safety


Safe Operation


What can we do for you?

What our customers are saying

Powerful, informative teaching on safety during a crisis situation. Thank you for this very much needed class. Pastor, Altitude Ministries

Gene Druktenis, Senior Pastor

What our customers are saying

Mr. Carlos's service of my Glock was professional timely and I am extremely content with the operation of my weapon!  I highly recommend his services!


What our customers are saying

The training was very informative and real, Mr. Carlos didn't sugarcoat the fact that as CCW holders we have a responsibility to protect those who can't protect themselves. The range session was practical and efficient, we were taught tactics that are a step in a solid direction for a foundation in using a firearm in a defensive situation. The instructors were patient and understanding with the students that weren't yet comfortable with tactics that were being taught.

R. Tibbetts

What our customers are saying

Whether you are one of our dedicated law enforcement  to protect and serve or a committed actor, like me, looking to learn from the best, TAC25 Firearms Training will keep you safe and shooting straight!

Elias Gallegos, SAG Actor

What our customers are saying

The Instructors were very professional.  They are precise in all presentations.  I highly recommend them!

G. Garcia, Business Owner

What our customers are saying

Very good class - Will be taking the Advanced Firearm Training!

T. Sanchez

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