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Class Schedule


0700-1700 Classroom


1100-1700 Range


0800-1100 Advanced Firearm Range Training

Registration Instructions

To reserve your seat, click on the "Our Products" icon below for the class you want to take.  Once we receive your payment, you will be registered for the class.  If you can not attend the class, notify us up until the day before and we will schedule you for the next class.  Contact us for a refund of your payment.

CCW Class Instructions

Classroom Training

Please report at 0800 the day of the class.  Bring your identification, unloaded handgun, holster, writing implements, and most importantly an attentive mind.  We will provide snacks and drinks for the classroom portion of your training.  We will also have a notary onsite whence we complete the required paperwork. 

Range Training

Please bring  your handgun, holster, minimum of one hundred rounds of ammunition,  (extra if you need to practice before your qualification), ear and eye protection, a hat.  We prefer you wear a long-sleeved shirt and comfortable shoes.  Open-toed shoes are not recommended. 


The classroom portion of your training is held at Altitude Ministries, 1612 Pacheco St, Santa Fe.  You must bring your unloaded weapon and a holster for your weapon.


The range portion of your training will be announced the day of your classroom training.  All range training is held after the classroom training.  You must bring your unloaded weapon, a holster for your weapon, a belt for your holster, a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection, closed toed shoes and a hat .


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